Vehicle Kilometers Travelled (VKMT) in Europe 2023

1 Sep 2023

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Vehicle kilometres travelled (VKMT) is a key metric that determines the size of many sectors (tire sell-out, crash repair, paint refinish, fuel etc) and industries that serve them. However there has been a lack of timely and accurate data and forecasts of VKMT.

Astutus Research now provides up-to-date analysis of this market, with more than 20 years of historic data [from 2000], and forecasts to 2028. Kilometres travelled are disaggregated to the country level and segmented between passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. We provide annual data, updated each quarter:

·      Historic data from 2000, with ‘actual’ data to 2022

·      Forecasts for 2023-2028

·      Detailed separately for 26 European markets

·      Segmented between cars and light commercial vehicles

·      Numerous benchmarks, including annual mileage per vehicle and per capita miles travelled.

The data is provided in Excel for ease of use and is accompanied by a PowerPoint report that summarises the key developments.